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Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 23:00

Riches to Rags will take you on a high-octane dance journey as a proud director learns about life lessons in this world of funky hip hop, jazz and contemporary dance. A wild ride guaranteed as you immerse your senses in the power of dance. 

Ticket Sales
Public sales will commence on the 28 October 2013 and will end on 1 November 2013. 
Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic Munch (Block 73, Level 1) 
Time: 11am to 6.30pm (daily) 
Payment mode: Cash (advised to have exact change) / iBanking / ATM

The four ticket categories are: 
1. 23 Nov 2013 (Saturday) - $20 (SOLD OUT! Thank you for your support!)
2. 23 Nov 2013 (Saturday) - $25 (SOLD OUT! Thank you for your support!) 
3. 24 Nov 2013 (Sunday) - $20 
4. 24 Nov 2013 (Sunday) - $25 (SOLD OUT! Thank you for your support!)

Event DetailsVenue: Kallang Theatre 
Time: 7.30PM

Free seating based on first-come-first-serve basis, however, within the category of the bought ticket. 

House Rules

House rules of Kallang Theatre still apply
** Strictly 
NO Food and Drinks allowed in the theatre and please refrain from using flash photography 
Alternatively, orders can be placed through email (danzationticketing@gmail.com) after which the ticketing team will inform you of the payment mode and ticket collection method. Any queries may be placed towards Amanda (9633 8135, amandatohsimin@gmail.com

Note: The only 2 available modes of payment we have currently have are cash and bank transfers (iBanking or through the ATM by which a receipt has to be produced to the counter. Receipts have to be approved by the allotted personnels upfront before the confirmation of the sale of ticket(s).) 

Do check out the FAQ below before contacting Amanda! 

Thank you and we hope to see you there!



1) How will I know the status of the ticket sales?
 Do check our social media feed (Facebook and Instagram) often as we will be posting updates as frequently as we can and at the same time replying queries that have been raised by the public.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanzationByNRA

Twitter: @danzation2013

2) Where can I pre-order my tickets? 

The pre-order for the participating dancers have already been closed. Those who have not paid and collected your tickets from the stipulated period of time given, your orders have been voided and tickets have been released for sale to the public. Do buy the available tickets at the booth before the public sales close!

3) How will I know when I can collect and make payment for the tickets that I have reserved through my online booking? 

A confirmation email will be sent out to you to notify you about the ticket collection details and your preferred method of payment. And you will be given 24 hours to do so before your reserved tickets will be released out to the public.

4) Where can I collect my tickets?

You can collect them at the ticketing booth during the public sales period or at the front of house on the production dates.


1) How can I buy the t-shirts/tank tops?
You can buy them at the front of house on the production dates.